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SmartLink TradingInc is an emerging IT company that is currently based in Gauteng Province and recently moved to North West, the reason for setting it up in North West was due to the shortage of IT companies which are affordable and very reliable. SmartLink TradingInc team can work under pressure and understaffed showing professionalism. The company specializes only with IT related aspects e.g. Computer repairs, Network Design, LAN setup, programming, software design, WAN setup, MAN setup, Quality Assurance, Web design, and graphic design all these services are of A class standards but affordable. SmartLink TradingInc provides expert IT Computer Support, Network Support and Design Solutions in between the three provinces if not the whole of South Africa, but we interned to cover country wide in the future. We provide all the computer services your business needs to run at peak efficiency. Whether you have a down server, need software upgrades or need to establish a secure network connection to a remote office Virtual Private Network (VPN), we can provide professional and affordable computer support.
Located in Johannesburg Gauteng, We provide onsite support and remote support throughout Gauteng, North West, and Limpopo SmartLink TradingInc prides itself in Customer Satisfaction.
SmartLink TradingInc is a full service information systems department for your small and medium business as well as business professionals. We provide the expertise you need to leverage the best computer technology for your business. We help you do what you do best.

Short description: Information Technology
Company address: CNR BICCARDI & JORRISEN
Slogan: Simple Fast And Adcanced
Postal Code: 2011
Telephone: 0727795172


Unique Selling Point: ICT Products
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