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Andrew Feldman and Simon Nissim were brought together in 2007 by a charitable Jewish organization which employed Nissim. Both of them were interested in gambling and their mutual interest made them friends. Finally, Nissim agreed to pay any winnings earned out of online spread betting to Andrew Feldman but unfortunately, he lost more than $1, 30,000 while playing poker in the first week of October 2008. Feldman was supposed to indemnify all the losses as initially decided between the two. He was left with the amount of $2, 20,000, really a big amount to pay.

Short description: Know about Simon Nissim and Aldrew Feldman online betting case!
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Contact Person: Simon Nissim and Aldrew Feldman
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      Simon Nissim and Andrew Feldman were two friends interested in spread betting online. Simon Nissim offered to place spread bets for Andrew Feldman on the Dow Jones index and give him all the winnings. Andrew Feldman agreed to indemnify all the...
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