Silly Monsterz PTY LTD


Silly Monsterz is a company with many talent and is a empire full of growth ,, we do clothing and the newest designes only found in Silly Monsterz and we host events,, The best events all over the country and we bring only the best in what we do the coming to transport we are the fastest in and best company import and exporting products

Short description: Silly Monsterz is a clothing, events and transport company that bring the you the best and new designs in the fashion world and the hottest events
Company address: Roodeport west ,, Sundown vill
Slogan: Monsterz at night
Postal Code: 1724
Telephone: 078 875 1443
Mobile phone: 078 875 1443
Unique Selling Point: Pay Pal
Contact Person: 011 831 5321
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    Category: Full Time
    Salary: 600
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