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What are the Qualifications to be a Surrogate Mother in India?



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Seed ART Bank takes pride of having a wide range of women involved in our egg donation program. For Seed ART Bank, our egg donors in India are creative, intelligent and compelling along with being ethnically diverse. In our Egg Donation Process, once the admissions process is complete, your profile will be placed on the Seed ART Bank site for intended parents to browse through.

Become a Surrogate Mother

Seed ART Bank firmly believes in assisting surrogates through the entire process. Our primary goal of all this assistance is to provide surrogates and intended parents with the accurate experience they are looking for and the people with which to achieve that goal. Once your application is cleared for applying for becoming the surrogate mother Seed ART Bank will contact you to set up your appointment for screening in New Delhi, India.

About Seed ART Bank

 Seed ART Bank is the leading ART Bank in India and a well-known provider of Indian egg donors and surrogate mothers. As the leading agency, we help childless couples for becoming proud parents as we have completed more than 1000 families through surrogacy and egg donation.

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Short description: At Seed ART Bank, we make every effort to provide comprehensive and highest quality care. That is why, you should rely on our experts, who make your journey less stressful and more successful.
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Company address: Green Park
Slogan: Egg donor Database for Intended Parents
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