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SSi offers most-effective fumigation, pest-control, water/heat proofing & Leakage/Seepage control services without broken building by highly experienced & trained professionals equipped with advance tools & latest methodologies under the globally recognized standards.
Pest-Control Services:
• Termite, Cockroach, Bed Bugs, Flies, Wood Borer & Rat Control Services
• Safe, Effective & Environment friendly insecticide Spray
• Thermal & Cold Fogging for Flying insect control.
• Repellent Gel application for Cockroach Control.
• Drilling, Injecting insecticides to form underground vertical barrier for Termite Control.
• Anticoagulant & Instant killing Baits for Rat Control
• Water-Tank Cleaning & Disinfection by Chlorine & Potassium per Magnate.
Water/Heat Proofing Services
• Roof Water Leakage/Seepage Proofing.
• Basement Water Leakage/Seepage Proofing.
• Water-Tanks Leakage Proofing.
• Bathroom Leakage/Seepage Control without broken building structure
• Roof Heat Proofing to reduce temperature & down electric bills.
• Transparent Coating for safety of Art & other precious work.
Quality Policy:
We strongly believe to deal with trade principally on the basis of integrity, fairness, and reliability throughout our business transactions that effectively form mutual relationship with our customers, eventually boost our progress, operational strength, and grow our business activities for long lasting period to achieve our long term business perspectives.

Short description: Pest-Control, Fumigation, Water-Tank Cleaning, Seepage Control & Water/Heat Proofing Services
Company name
Company address: S-28-29, Fort Sultan, Colony Gate, main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi.
Slogan: Serving for Quality of Life
Telephone: 03112030222, 021-32046855
Mobile phone: 03112030222
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