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Dear All

Do you how hard to start up a business with a poor capital loan support from family and friend. But I knew myself already that it was so difficult and I was set up in my plan too for three ago. Now it is happening to myself in lack of capital but good demand from my customers in whole sales definitely.

My Products in my factory (HS): repsirators, safery net, water boot, long boot, jacket bullet, cover, cigarettes disposal, visor,bullet protect plate, water purification tube.

My consulting service (SOKHANDYKA GREEN CO.,LTD): training OHS, consulting and investigating accident or hazard action in Cambodia


I am waintinfg for any loan fron all of you soon to respond a market need immediately.


Thanks anyway

Short description: looking for loan
Company name
Company address: #146,Kg Samnanh,Takhmao, Kandal
Slogan: Build yoursefl first and then other will help build you more
Postal Code: +23
Telephone: +855-17781148
Mobile phone: +855-17781148
Twitter account: N/A
Skype username: skdkgreen

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