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S.M LAW ASSOCIATES is a Comprehensive Law Firm  to provide Complete Legal Services to those who seek legal advice, support, services  and consultancy in Pakistan. We offer our services in best interest of our clients  in most competitive and challenging environment.

Short description: SM Law Associates is an intellectual property firm dedicated to fight counterfeiting.
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Company address: 625, Mashrique center, block 14, Gulshan-e-Iqbal
Slogan: People spend more time growing their financial status rather than their Intellectual Property
Telephone: 00922134142131
Mobile phone: 00923412185475
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Twitter account: @SM_Law_Assoc
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Unique Selling Point: We don't charge our clients in advance, but only charge for immediate services rendered by us. We don't apply hidden charges to our clients all the fee structures are transparent.
Contact Person: Dilawar A. Siddiqui
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