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SK Shoppers Mart is an aspiring world’s largest online marketplace, where practically anyone can buy and sell anything on internet. We are an Online Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Experts, who links different buyers and sellers of different products & services all over the world. We also promote brand building and development through offering Advertising space on our site- Advertise with us

We promote a smooth and unique platform for Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) trade, where consumers of any commodity and service can directly contact the respective producers, suppliers, retailers and wholesalers without barriers of borders and inter-state policies. We don’t charge any interest/ money from our sellers and buyers; neither do we charge commission because we are looking forward to having more than 50,000,000 subscribers or up loaders of goods and services.

We offer special Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising guidance if contacted. Since we are an Online Global Market, we aim at being the indisputable consultants of all the above mentioned service all over the world at all cost.

SK Shoppers Mart has brought to everyone in the world the pleasure of exchanging their currencies without fail, because we have a sponsored Forex rates panel/ link on our website made just for you. On our page we have created an up-to-date page link of Gossip and news all over the globe

Short description: We are an online glodal market. We link buyers and sellers without fail. We provide marketing and public relations advise to whoever may need it
Company address: Hotel Equatorial Shopping Center Office No 675 Near Sabrina’s Pub Off Ben Kiwanuka Street. Kampala Uganda East Africa.
Slogan: The Online Global Market
Postal Code: 256
Telephone: 0776775572
Mobile phone: 0776775572
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Skype username: SK Shoppers Mart


Unique Selling Point: Kampala
Chamber of Commerce:: Uganda National Chamber of Commerce
Contact Person: Kiwanuka Silvest
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