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DSTV Installations Cape Town

Whether you are a business or a home owner needing DStv installation in Cape Town or simply repair work to be done, we are your one stop shop for all your needs. Our DStv installations in Cape Town range from small domestic installations to commercial groups such as restaurants, guest houses to large hotels.

We understand your busy schedule hence our team is flexible to meet with you at your home or business premises at any time of the day... in short, we are open for business 24 hours a day. Feel free to contact our office number or hotline number so we can assist you with your request.

What DSTV Installations in Cape Town have to offer

- Supply, install and position your new DSTV satellite dish, decoder and HD TV using our specialised equipment.
- Position and tune your existing DSTV satellite dish.
- Repair your current DSTV installation.
- Relocate your existing DSTV installation to a new location.

Services from DSTV Installations Cape Town also include the following:


HD PVR full installations and UPGRADES,
TV wall mounting
And call outs,
DStv re locations,
Re alignments of lost signal,
DStv extra points and more...

Single Full Installation
Only R550.00
*Package Includes
-1132 decoder
-Metal dish kit
-Single LNB
-Free Labour costs to 1 TV point

Extra View for 2x 1132 decoders
Only R1450
*Package includes
-2 X 1132 Decoders
-Metal dish kit
-Twin LNB
-10 m cable (free)
-Labour Costs to 2 TV points

HD PVR P2 (View 1 & Rec 1 )
Only R2499
*Package includes
- HD PVR P2 decoder
-Metal dish kit
-Twin LNB
-Labour costs to 1 TV-Point

For great quality and excellent service contact

Dstv Upgrades /Services & Installations Call Dave 082 537 6125

Short description: We are Dstv installation Company in all Cape Town Westen Cape areas gives the best Entertainment
Company name
Company address: 10 heydan street
Slogan: Try us for the best Dstv Installations / Upgrades &Services 082 537 6125
Postal Code: 8000
Telephone: 0825376125
Mobiele telefoon: 082 537 6125
Twitter account: stephwildschut@gmail.com
Skype username: Dave Satellites
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