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Every one have their own goal and Today our life becomes very very competitive so every one is struggle for their day to day life it starts from the Education, Job, Career growth and many more.Every one have their own commitment so its our duty to run behind it, majority of the people couldn't achieve their target, very few are succeed.

It is a fact that every successful man made a lot of sacrifice in their life to achieve his goal, many people tried half the way and go back but the people who had failed in their effort will leads to the mind and health problem such as Stress, Depression, Tension, Blood Pressure, Diabetes , Cardiac stroke, Mental dis-order and many more.

God created us to live with joy and happiness not to live with sorrow and disease.

MIND I am using this power full word here, which is the powerfull SPIRIT in our body, mind plays a vital role in our day to day life.

MIND CONTROL is the main stream of our life, controlling our mind is not a simple task it needs a regular practice but we can achieve it, if our mind is in our controll the POSITIVE ENERGY, POSITIVE VIBRATIONS AND POSITIVE RAYS stimulates our mind and body, with this positive energy and positive vibrations we can easily achieve our goal, we can rule the universe.

Now we understand the power of our Mind, we have a SUPREME POWER in our body to control our Mind and body that is the ATHMA SHAKTHI the POWER of our SOLE, the INTERNAL POWER, the POWER OF LIGHT, the SERPHANT POWER by the words of Siddhas 'THE KRIYA KUNDALINI SHAKTHI' the POWERS OF SEVEN CHAKRAS.

Short description: Self Realization Meditation
Slogan: Live Healthily, Happily and successfully
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