Ruud M@ns


Business description

Ruud M@ns operates between the business - and ICT department. The mssion of the company is to bring both worlds together. Are you in need of a (Project) Change Manager, Service (Level/ Delivery) Manager, Proces Manageror an ITIL Consultant, who wants to share and transmit his experience and knowledge to an internal employee, you can count on the services of Ruud M@ns.

You can expect the following if you use the services of Ruud M@ns:

  • knowledge and expertise
  • clarity and humor
  • attention and involvement
  • certainty and accessibility
  • initiative and motivation
Short description: Ruud M@ns operates as service manager between the business - and ICT department.
Company name
Company address: Klaverland 15
Postal Code: 3833 CA
Telephone: 31644600468
Mobile phone: 31644600468
Personal or Company website
Twitter account:!/RuudMans


Unique Selling Point: Profound analysis
Chamber of Commerce:: 32116726
Contact Person: R.M.W. Mans
Company Revenue