Rural Poor Development Organization

Business description

RPDO adopts decentralized participatory management system in its program implementation. RPDO is mainly governed by a general council, Supreme authority of the organization consists of 27 members who bring many years of diversified professional experiences from the NGO sector, gender, reproductive health, development research, legal and business sector. An executive committee of 09 (Nine) members elected bi-annually by the members of the general council guides its policy and program decisions through regular board meeting. The Executive Director of RPDO acts as the member secretary of the Executive committee. The Executive committee meets every after three-month and the general council, Which is the chief organ of the Organization meets once a year.

Short description: since 1984 RPDO has been implementing different kinds of development activities for the well-beings of the rural & urban poor, Sex-workers & their clients, Family member of Sex-workers, Ad
Slogan: Establish an enlightened, equitable and sustainable society, where justice prevails and peoples are free from poverty.
Telephone: +880921-54213

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