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RewardCraze is the first global Online Social Rewarding Network. We reward member’s daily actions by giving them points. RewardCraze gives members various ways to collect points right from the start at registration. Then by just updating the profile the member collects points. Moreover, members can invite friends and also collect points for that. Watching videos, playing games, reading articles, interacting socially, buying online, and taking various actions are some of the things that members can do to collect points. Last but not least, members can participate in surveys and join panels. RewardCraze doesn't just stop here, after collecting points, members can redeem these points with instant prizes or with entries on big raffles.

Short description: It's simple at RewardCraze, you can get rewarded for nearly all your normal daily habits online, we make it easy for you to collect points and redeem those points into rewards.
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Company address: Dubai Media City
Slogan: Online Social Rewarding Network
Telephone: +97144377506
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Twitter account: rewardcraze
Skype username: hmkaddoura


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      RewardCraze is an Online Social Rewarding Network for you to Collect Points by shopping online, watch videos, Play game & more and redeem those points into rewards.
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