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Revive Adserver Mod provides various Plugins to integrate with Revive Adserver and OpenX Sources that boosts your Adserver performance and makes your online ad operations efficient.

Browse our Revive Adserver Mod website for 100's of Revive Adserver Plugins on Targeting, Reporting, Billing and Sign Up functionalities to Run, Manage and Report your online ad operations better. Also find specialized plugins on Display, Mobile and Video Advertising.
There are few other plugins also available to have the features of IAB Ad Formats, Anti Fraud Clicks, Anti Fraud Impressions and Unique Clicks and Impressions to run your Ad Network safely.

Short description: Plugins for Revive Adserver - Boost Your Revive Adserver Performance !
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Company address: Level 9 Raheja Towers, 26 MG Road,
Postal Code: 560001
Mobile phone: 9600456681
Twitter account: @Revive_Plugins


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Contact Person: Ram Kumar
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