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Property investment can be either long term or short term, depending upon the will of the investor. In long term investment the investor can earn rent from the property by giving it on lease and in short term investment the investor earn profits through further resale of the property.

Short description: I am very interested in property investment and give guidance on opportunities and strategies related to the same. In addition, I also convey the latest property news to my readers.
Company address: 350 5th Avenue, 59th Floor
Postal Code: 10118
Telephone: 1-866-744-3579
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Contact Person: Sarah Peter
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    • Property Invesment

      Critical Warning Number Six

      March 7, 2013 - The US economy is facing financial and economic crisis since a long time. It is completely shattered. The Federal Reserve Bank’s intervention in the market is quite symbolic of the things, the economy has seen over the years. It is time to...
      • Property Invesment

        Beat the Street with Sweet Tea and Biscuits?

        March 2, 2013 - Years ago, I used to spend a lot of money in restaurants. That was before I learned how to cook. Now, I particularly dislike going to fancy restaurants. The food is always way overpriced, and I don’t like playing the game. When I go out to...
        • Property Invesment

          Property Investment: No Gains Without Pains

          March 2, 2013 - The real estate news is that there are high hopes of the recovery of the housing market. Over the last month, there was an increase in the confidence of the builders. If this continues, the economic condition of the U.S. too is expected to improve....