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I specialize in Pro-Biotic, RAW food and Natural Health supplements

My Name is Max van Heerden and I am the founder of Pro-Health-Store

It has been quite a journey for me having to cope with a few health problems myself.

I took the time to research the most common problems, people are facing Nowadays

I found a few Natural Products that can be used to cure and to prevent these types of illnesses and lack of nutrition.

I will definitely urge you to read up on the following product

Short description: I specialize in Pro-Biotic, RAW food and Natural Health supplements, Pro Biotics
Slogan: Organic Food & Pro Biotics
Telephone: 0828569925
Mobile phone: 0828569925
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Unique Selling Point: Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, Kombucha, Wheatgrass
Contact Person: Max van Heerden
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