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HelloFriend, My name is Prem Arya. I am working at Espial Infotech, and I would take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time and consider us for the your Advertising, Markeitng and web hosting needs. At Infotech our motto is "We learn to serve our customers". All these years, Espial Infotech has strived to offer best of services at all times. It is due to everlasting support of our brand loyal customers that we today run our 100% Self Owned Server Farm in USA for Windows Hosting [Free IP Package] at the same data center which hosts Google Store. We know of no other company in India which is offering Free Dedicated IP’s to all its customers, as this unique feature makes us different from many other service providers. In India most companies are resellers or have 1 or 2 servers in USA but there are hardly any web hosting companies baring few who run their own datacenter or Server Farm in USA. The data centers we use are no run of the mill data center but MOST EXPENSIVE data centers in USA to host servers.


ApnaBusiness, desires to provide opportunities to each and every "User" (specifically Indian active and passive job seekers) through the business and career networking platform.

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