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The area where you meet with photographer. Here you can order a photograph in accordance with your requirements. I will snap it specially for you. You also can desire to have your own beautiful portrait, wedding photos and party photos (only for across Kolkata).


  • You are getting a high quality picture (Canon DSLR)
  • Low price. INR300/click (If more than 10 pictures are to be clicked) Other wise INR700/click (for more than 5 pictures). INR900/click (for 3 to 5 pictures) and INR1000/click for rest. Special Discount are available if required.
  • Making video with high quality picture. INR800/1min video length.
  • Service Available anywhere in Kolkata if own portrait or wedding photos and videos are to be clicked. (at same rate)
  • For outside Kolkata, photos will be dispatched through shipping house (after the payment). No extra charge is required.
  • Photo and Video Editing that you will like. Editing Charge varies (starts from INR200)
  • Many types of photos are available for sale at the given rate.         
  • Note: Photoes provided here is of low quality (deliberately), But I hope, you will get an idea about the snapper from them. Thank you
Short description: Shot on behalf of other in very low price
Company address: Konnagar, Hooghly
Personal or Company websitehttp://martandphotographyin.hostgator.co.in/

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