Business description

Retouching, editing, digital manipulation, removal of wrinkles and blemishes, whiten teeth and eyes, retouch hair, remove scars, piercings or tattoos. Hair and eye colour can be changed. Face or body shape can be manipulated. Background removal, colour and flaw correction, as well as restoration of old or faded photographs.
Our goal is to give you flawless images that suit your needs. With over 12 years experience in high end retouching, we know that a job is not done until you are 100% happy. Retouched images will be sent to you for approval and any required alterations made before you receive the final product.

Short description: We specialize in high end retouching for all areas of photography including portraits, weddings, family, baby, fashion and products.
Company address: Pilanesberg National Park
Slogan: Retouching Specialists
Postal Code: 0300

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