Pewter Boutique

Business description

I teach the art of metal embossing, (repousse, metal impressions). I also make unique personalized gifts, articles for home decor and make corporate gifts too. I sell the necessary tools, kits and consumables online that you would need to start this craft.

Short description: I teach the art of Pewter Embossing. I do handmade Personalised Gifts which are one of a kind, Home Decor Items and Corporate Gifts with company logos.
Company address: Unit 4, The Palms, 7G Cunningham Road, Eastleigh, Edenvale
Slogan: Pewter makes your world come alive
Postal Code: 1610
Telephone: 0783034514
Mobile phone: 0783034514
Personal or Company website
Skype username: michelle10958
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