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We distribute a full line of Fresh Old Coconuts, pink guava, yellow corn, fresh cabbage, water hyacinth rope, bananas rope, seagrass rope, paper cane, coir rope.

Ud.Petro Jaya has a diverse business strategy offering the services and of a national company with a local and abroad focus in our trade area online.
Welcome to UD.PETRO JAYA

Our expertise includes raw material furniture, crop management, nutrient management, production planning and business strategy. We maintain close contact with leading agricultural institutions as well as all the major manufacturers worldwide to stay on the cutting edge of new information, products and services. In short, we have the very best tools, skills, and knowledge to maximize your resources. Today, we’re one of the most respected full-service agricultural companies in Indonesia. We know that ensuring your success ensures our success.

Short description: Ud.Petro Jaya, Incorporated is a full service regional agricultural and raw material furniture distributor servicing of Indonesia.
Company address: Bangak - Simo Road Km.07,
Slogan: Miracle of giving
Postal Code: 57376
Telephone: +62 3294564
Mobile phone: +62 85640275181


Contact Person: Mr. Petro Celly
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