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Papaya King is the original. Accept no imitations. Since 1932, we have been serving our special recipe, one-of-a-kind franks and tropical drinks to New Yorkers and visitors of all ages and from all walks of life at our original 86th Street location. We have a passion for freshness, quality, flavor & fun. We cook your franks while facing you so that we can see each other’s smiles (and because it’s rude to have you stare at our backs). Our franks look pretty damn good on the grill. Julia Child said we served the "best hot dogs in New York" and Martha Stewart named us one of her “guilty pleasures.â€ But it’s not just the franks and tropical drinks that make Papaya King special. It’s the people. From policemen to politicians, celebrities to construction workers, firefighters to financiers, Papaya King is where people come together to share a moment while rubbing elbows at the counter. Today, we are taking Papaya King outside of New York with our very first West Coast location in Hollywood, California and more to come! Lick your lips. 


Short description: Hot Dog Restaurant, Juice Shop, Restaurant, Hot Dog Restaurant, Juice Shop, Restaurant
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Company address: 3 St Mark's Place, 3 St Mark's Place
Postal Code: 10003, 10003
Telephone: (646) 692-8482, (646) 692-8482

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