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Allsort Shop Warehouse Limited is a Lagos based International Trading Company focused on the importation, marketing and distribution of energy efficient products, with core interest in energy efficient luminaries. The company which started as a small trading company between United Kingdom and Nigeria in 2009 has today become the exclusive distributor of Technical Consumer Products (TCP) in West Africa. Her operations covers nineteen countries in West Africa and some part of central Africa. Date of incorporation was 16th July 2010 (RC 900183). It has an office in the United Kingdom, incorporated on 17th of November, 2010 (company number 7442586). The office in United Kingdom is intended to help facilitate multilateral trading and manufacturing deal between Nigeria and Europe, particularly with United Kingdom.

Short description: The company is the exclusive distributor of technical consumer product of USA. TCP product in West Africa. we deal on all ranges of luminaries eg cfl, led, HID, cold cathode light, linear luminarie
Company name
Company address: Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Way, Folben House
Slogan: To illuminate Nigeria and other West Africa Countries with high quality, affordable energy efficient luminary products
Postal Code: 23401
Telephone: +2347067920719
Mobile phone: +2347067920719
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Chamber of Commerce:: lagos
Contact Person: Mr ogunnowo T. Roland
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