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OZ Consultancy Horizon are very proud of its ability to deliver sound business advice along with nontraditional services, it is the accounting services we offer that are the heart of our practice.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide our clients with a clear, realistic financial picture which they can use to guide their decisions and reach their goals. Without accurate financial information and relevant comments, our clients would not be able to make wise management decisions.

With that in mind, OZ Consultancy Horizon is focused on our clients’ needs. We deliver the services they require, the services that will help them achieve their goals. As a result of our client focused philosophy, we have evolved into a premier consultancy services firm, adding a host of nontraditional services to augment our core competencies, such as Strategic business planning, Personal and Corporate financial planning, Management consulting, and Recruitment .

We believe that our clients’ business decisions should be based on solid accounting information. From a basic write-up to sophisticated attestation engagements, OZ Consultancy Horizon has the skills, training and expertise to address each client’s unique situation.

Based on your preferences, you can allow OZ Consultancy Horizon to deliver personalized services at your work premises to ensure you are involved at every stage of the service delivery.

The special values that are the very life blood of OZ Consultancy Horizon are best encompassed in the acronym, "ENCOURAGE" - which in itself is indicative of the attitude and philosophy of OZ Consultancy Horizon. Each of us not only expected to embrace these values for ourselves, but equally important, we are expected to encourage each other to do so as well.

Ethical and trustworthy behaviour

No compromise on quality

Confidentiality about your clients

Outstanding client service

Understand diversity

Research for responsibility

Allow yourself to be passionate about your career

Growth and learning

Encourage each other to fulfill these core values

Short description: The professional consulting firm with an emphasis on personalized service
Slogan: The professional consulting firm with an emphasis on personalized service
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