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I have wonderful offer for you at very low investments, enjoy your 10 piece waterless cooking method on very slow investments, it has wonderful gifts accompanying such as: Stainless Steel Pot Stand, 12 Piece Bake ware Set and 12 litres Stainless Steel Pot they all have life time guarantee. there is a small gift if deposit payed upfront : 6 Piece Casserole set.
You may also have your 49 Piece Porcelain/Supreme or Fedora dinner set with wonderful gifts such as :
56 Stainless Steel cutlery Set &
12 Piece Bake Ware set .
We offer life time guarantee on our goods. If you are interested contact me at 07338565613.

Short description: I sell kitchen ware and building material
Company address: Durban road Bellville
Postal Code: 8000
Telephone: 0733865613

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