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Hi beautiful soul... I am Nirbhay Udaan, a non profitable organisation (NGO). My name means to fly fearlessly and thats what I do whole heartedly. I work for the welfare of the society, promote brotherhood, unity and serve the needy, poor ,old and underpreviledged sections irrespective of any caste, class, religion, creed or sex for free of cost. My motto is to serve every soul in need and to make the world a beautiful place for all. I believe, with sincere efforts we can bring hope, change and smiles in many lives. All we need to do is to take the Initial step. In this small world there are innumerable eyes waiting for that 'someone' who would come and change their lives for good, that one voice which would motivate them and that one deed which would make this world for them worth living! If you too think the same then join me in my Mission.. Let's together change lives and make the world a better place!

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Mobile phone: 9867466506 / 8097081316
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