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We are passionate about technology. Not only because of discovering a new "gadget" implies, but because we want to apply the full potential of technology within a framework of social exchange. This means that the gadget will serve to improve in some way, the everyday actions of people who use it, either in terms of entertainment, content, education or functionality. Like any techie, we adopt and test new trends, so we thought that smartphones and tablets (among other mobile devices) are revolutionizing the way people are approaching information and uses it through apps . On the other hand, we are fascinated with what Augmented Reality offers us. If we think, by just pointing a camera phone to an item, we can get to know their chemical composition data as if no stock, etc.. or to interact with it and, for example, see how the furniture would be in our own living before buying, we imagine how all these instances applications could enrich education, advertising, entertainment and even social level of our community. For all this we, at Nhuma, look for enhance and develop the technology with new concepts and languages that make life easier for us.

Short description: Mobile apps - AR
Twitter account: @NhumaExpansion

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