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Business description

we are Agro. medicine we deal in export of bitter kola and ginger in all size. Agro medicine have been in existence for over 7yrs and have over 12 clients all over Europe. we are open to any bitter kola exporting offer to any country.
Bitter kola (garcinia kola) is one of the varieties of kola that can be found in Nigeria mostly in the southern parts of the Country and some of their uses are:
1, They are used in the preparation of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.
2, They are used in the production of cola soft drinks.
3, They are used in the production of energy drinks.
Our product is cheap and negotiable in term of pricing, packaging, quality control,payment term and more.
Below is our specification.
Type: bitter kola.
Crude protein (nx6.25):88.06%
Nitrogen - free extract - 86.23%
Minimum order quantity: 50kg
sample can be send to any serous buyer on demand any where in the world.

Short description: Bitter kola export.
Company address: Block F flat 2 N.P.A. Quarters opposite parliamentary village Calabar.
Slogan: Very good, fresh bitter kola.
Postal Code: 240212
Telephone: +2348037445175
Mobile phone: +2348037445175
Twitter account: nankyepgpetong


Unique Selling Point: calabar municipal
Contact Person: Nankyep G. petong
Company Revenue

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