Business description

We create company websites, online shops, portals, and custom web projects with unique functionality.

Ashi services cover all phases of the establishment and functioning of the current site:
designing web-based systems. Detailed study of specification, interface design and prototyping are especially important for medium and large projects.
Design. We make a custom design for each site and do not use standard templates. In our arsenal: Flash, 3D, illustration, creation of icons and pictograms, professional photography. Logo design and corporate identity.
programming. Many years of experience in web programming allows us to offer complete solutions to many problems, and implement special functions required for your specific project.
page layout and create interactive interfaces;
testing and debugging;
location in the network;
information content of the site;
customer training site management.
Technical support
Even very well designed website needs constant supervision, accompanied by technical experts. If the site is developed, it will need upgrading, new opportunities. Developers are tired of your site, or "lost"? We can help if you need:
maintaining performance site, troubleshoot, interaction with the hosting provider;
changes that can not be done with a content management system;
creating and adding new software modules;
content of the site information.
Internet Marketing
We are engaged in the development and promotion of sites. To users on the site to feel better (improved usability testing) to more trusted him (promotion in social networks) to the search engines love site (promotion in search engines) that he would bring income to the owner (analytics and monitoring indicators).
Among our services:
technical and seo-site audit;
development of marketing strategies to promote;
site promotion in search engines and social networks;
analyst performance site.

Short description: WEB Development, HTML, PHP, My SQL, FLASH
Company address: Pirogova
Postal Code: 21000
Telephone: +380637411787
Mobile phone: +380637411787
Skype username: lj_nicolya


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