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BIOKOSM S.L. is an international laboratory specialized in personal care products and pioneer in the field of nutricosmetics made of natural ingredients that boost beauty thanks to its active ingredients which, unlike serums, creams or masks, always act from inside your body. Nutricosmetics rely on the premise that the key to beauty is keeping a healthy body through both personal care and specialized nutrition.

NUTRIKOSM helps to keep the body in optimal condition, reducing body fat, providing antioxidant and anti aging properties, regenerating the collagen in the subcutaneous tissue, regulating intestinal transit, or draining the body or even having and anti inflammatory effect among other functions. Therefore, Nutricosmetics role is to boost the skin´s beauty and to improve the proper inner functioning of the body, by looking after the user’s health.

Nowadays the use of nutricosmetics is being increased, being part of a healthy day routine, thanks to the proven benefits they bring. These nutrients that improve wellness and beauty are not miracle formulas, they only help to solve deficiencies; however, taken on a regular basis they contribute to keep a healthier body which reflects on our skin and beauty. They also enhance the results of traditional cosmetics, facials or medical aesthetical treatments.

Short description: Beauty nutricional supplements
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Company address: Vilana,4 bis, Barcelona
Postal Code: 08022
Telephone: 34 932126758

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