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NAP Media is a complete multimedia package for professional and commercial communities, with multimedia services that integrate events, multimedia content, and business information. It includes a team of youngsters bursting with passion, energy and zeal along with some solid work experience in the field of Filming, Documentaries, Corporate films, TV Commercials, Animations walkthroughs designing and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). It is a complete package of creativity and contemporary output which will help you create the perfect platform to execute your brand. It deals with all important media product categories and creative services. It endeavors to create not only world-class services, but also long lasting relationships with clients. The core team works towards a common goal of productivity and effectiveness, to create the best media solution for your brand and in the most cost-effective way. Right from macro-level planning to a well structured perfect execution, we work as a team, going hand in hand with the belief that - success lies in our values, which is Think Best. Create Best. Deliver Bestest. Commercials: Making one of these has everything to do with putting your imagination into action. Executing a brand within the short spell of a minute or less is a challenging task. It requires a great deal of expertise in the field of production and some prodigious editing hands, both of which we provide. This service comes with great promise from a team with many years of work experience in this industry. Corporate films: We are talking the entire essence of your company's corporate image and strategy being locked in a film, in other words, a Corporate AV. Usable as online videos to attract prospective customers to your websites. We start by understanding your business, your target customer's profile and your objective for developing a corporate film. This is succeed by a concept, a script & storyboard, and after you love them, starts the filming, with state-of-the-art technology of course. 2D & 3D Animation 3D effects are in great demand these days, especially after seeing the enormous popularity they have achieved in recent times. At Corporate Video Films we give exceptional 3D Animation effects to your videos giving a greater mass appeal and attracting a bigger audience, thus increasing the overall turnover of your brand. A number of videos are created with 3D effects nowadays. 3D effects are nowadays used in almost all the major videos, right from ads to the big banner Hollywood and Bollywood movies and the responses have been very encouraging. Corporate Video Films give an amazing effect in their 3D videos to give an excellent result when the videos are finally viewed on the big screens. Documentary Films A documentary is the most effective medium capable of engaging all viewers’ senses. Be it any topic, thought provoking or senses enlightening, we create videos that give the desired effects that one expects in a well created documentary. At Corporate Video Films we create a dynamic experience on the viewer’s mind that prevails for a very long time. The viewers undoubtedly respond effectively to the deeply dedicated videos created at Corporate Video Films and undoubtedly we leave on their minds through our film endeavor! With the mission to pioneer the creativity and art of film making, we create a new vision of excellence to shadow the minds of our viewers. Promotional Films or Infomercials Corporate Video Films produce exceptional HD marketing videos to promote and advertise your business. Our promotional video design team works with you creating the perfect video for your marketing needs. We also commonly create videos for private productions, general events. We create videos that have a viral effect in electronic media. We can find out the exact strategy that your business needs in order to be promoted. Corporate Video Films Videos will propel you into the limelight of the business world with its imposing business promotional videos that will give you a commanding presence in the media. Integrated Marketing & Communication (IMC) An approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign, through a well coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other. At NAP Media integrated marketing communications "we... recognizes the value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety Other Services  Short Films  Event Coverage  Celebrity Management  Local Line production  Feature Films  TV Serial

Short description: NAP Media is a complete multimedia package for professional and commercial communities, with multimedia services that integrate events, multimedia content, and business information. It includes a t
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Company address: LIG-62 Kotra Sultanabad Bhopal
Slogan: Live your dream with NAP
Postal Code: 462003
Telephone: +918889600483
Mobile phone: +918889600483

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