My Mangosteen

Business description

Mangosteen has for centuries been used in South East Asian culture and folklore for healing purposes - now Mangosteen, the Queen of Fruits, is available in 43 countries around the world and it's new to South Africa.

Backed by science, this natural product is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-viral and anti-bacterial to name a few.

Business opportunity available with great compensation plan.

How does it work?

Company responsibility:
• develop new products
• produce the product
• deliver the product to the buyer’s doorstep
• process the payment for the product
• pay you on time, weekly and monthly
Your responsibility:-
• sign up as a distributor (if you are married, you could start together and grow one business)
• pay for the juice and sign up people under you so you can drink juice for free
• manage your business and sign ups using your Company website
• tell your friends / family / or anyone needing income or experiencing health challenges and sign them up
• part time or full time – whatever suits you best

Short description: Health, Wellness from the Superfruit Mangosteen and business opportunity
Company name
Company address: 26 Kingfisher Drive, Fourways
Slogan: Health and Wealth, Changing lives daily
Postal Code: 2055
Telephone: +27834122997
Mobile phone: 0834122997
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