Q-Up Enterprises, LLC


Business description

Q-Up Enterprises, LLC is a software developer of a patent-pending Smartphone application that enables each individual, to share their selected personal contact information. The app utilizes an uniquely embedded Base64 QR encode, along with a reliable and secure Bluetooth connection for the contact information transfer between two individual devices and those users and corporate entities, in the form of loyalty program information acquisition.

Short description: Q-Up Enterprises is the premiere Smartphone app provider for the secured transfer of electronic contact information via encrypted Bluetooth transmission with any another Q-Up Plus App user or device.
Company name
Company address: 9900 45th Ave No Ste. 120
Postal Code: 55442
Telephone: 612-237-6754
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.q-upmyapp.com
Twitter account: @QupApp


Unique Selling Point: We are the only patent-pending Smartphone App sending private contact information directly via a lightening-fast Bluetooth or QR code encrypted technology.
Chamber of Commerce:: Minneapolis MainStreet Chamber of Commerce
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