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Moaxis Technologies Inc. is a group of innovative entrepreneurs who have set out to solve some basic everyday mobile inconveniences we all face. The group has extensive experience in software and mobile development, security applications, cloud infrastructure, and know what it takes to launch successful new products.

Moaxis is dedicated to helping make mobile easier by extending the Smartphone features you use the most to your computer, tablet, TV, gaming console, and many more devices to come.

Company Name: Moaxis Technologies Inc.
Street Address: 16016 Palmettorun Circle, Lithia
Country:    USA
Pin code: 33547

Short description: Text from your computer! Send and receive text messages from your computer using your mobile number and your contacts. And unlike other text message apps, Moaxis doesn't require you to always keep a browsers open and running.
Company name
Company address: 16016 Palmettorun Circle
Slogan: Send Text from PC, Desktop SMS, Cell Phone Alerts & More with Moaxis Technologies
Postal Code: 33547
Telephone: 2073176099
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