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This is world-class, pure, pristine natural mineral water from deep in the heart of Australia.Filtered through 500 million year-old geological strata.Beloka Water is stocked in restaurants and cafes across Australia. CEO Joe believes in the uniqueness of Beloka water. It's pristine. It's Australian. It's minerals rich.
Beloka Water is a local, premium Australian alternative to imported mineral waters. The bottles are Australian made, as are the labels, cartons and caps.

Short description: At Beloka Water, we pride ourselves that our pristine water flows from the eastern border of the unspoilt Kosciuszko National Park landscape.
Company address: Suite 208, 29-31 Lexington Drive Bella Vista, Sydney
Slogan: NSW
Postal Code: 2153
Telephone: (02) 8882 8088
Personal or Company websitehttp://belokawater.com.au


Contact Person: Beloka Water
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