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Millennium Consultants are independent financial advisers based in London. We are a one-stop-shop for funding all kinds of projects located all over the worls. We team up borrowers with lenders. We offer a mix and match service under which we are able to team up investors with entrepreneurs seeking funds for profitable ventures.

We offer a variety of financing solutions to suit your projects including secured loans, non-recourse loans and Joint-Venture Financing. We represent several lending platforms which offer flexible terms. Most investors seek a contribution by the project owner varying between 10-25%. But some projects could be funded upto 100% depending upon the nature of the project and lender's willingness to do so. All those interested may please send us an executive summary along with a CIS and we can offer the options available with us to finance these projects. 

Some entrepreneurs need BGs as collateral security to get their projects funded. They seek short-term investors who can bridge the gap of investing 10% of the project value and getting them a BG so that the lending platforms could finance their projects. Hence we invite investors to get in touch with us to get a lucrative return on their investments in a very short span of time.

Short description: Independent Financial Advisers & Wealth Managers
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Adres: 6 Greenleaf Way
Slogan: Trustworthiness is a bliss and we honour trustworthy borrowers and lenders
Postcode: HA37SL
Telephone: 08456891358
Mobiele telefoon: 07957 713374
Twitter account: RayMillennium
Skype username: millenniumconsultants
Unique Selling Point: Honest independent & unbiased advice to serve the client's best interests
Chamber of Commerce:: London
Contact Persoon: Ray Khan