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We want to put the word “counselor” back into the profession of law. We believe in keeping you consistently apprised of the status of your matter. We believe in constant communication. We respond promptly to your questions and concerns

We are your partner; you are not a billing opportunity.

You deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. You work hard for your money, and so do we. We charge fair and reasonable fees. We don't hide charges or costs. You will always know what you are paying and what services you can expect from us.

Welcome to The Renaissance Law Group.

Short description: The Renaissance Law Group, located in Ventura, California, practices family law, civil litigation and estate planning. We are your partner, and we will always put you, our client, first.
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Company address: 605 East Poli
Slogan: Legal Services
Postal Code: 93001
Telephone: 805-652-6941


Contact Person: Michael Anatole
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