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When you talk about bins, you talk about volume and the capacity a bin holds.  A bin is measured in cubic metres.

A cubic meter is approximately:

1 metre high x 1 metre long x 1 metre wide

An easier way to understand would be that your standard 6x4m2 trailer is equivalent to a cubic meter depending on what is going in it.

All our bins have ramps for easy access loading

Melville Bin Hire has a number of different size bins

Short description: Melville bin hire provides online waste container industrial skip bin hire quotes at affordable prices. For more details call us (08) 9317 8500 or visit our website.
Company address: Melville Bin Hire PO Box 484, Melville WA 6956

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        For a healthy living, it is very necessary to keep your surroundings and your home clean. In our daily life, we use numerous things that are available in packets and wraps. Even when we cut the vegetables and or cook food, waste is left behind in...
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