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Mardi Gras New Orleans is the most unique attraction in America’s most uniquely attractive city. It’s a world of wonders, created for you by the people who bring Mardi Gras to life every year—the artists of Blaine Kern Studios. The colors, the lights, the music, the joie de vivre. It’s all here in one magical place where you can peek behind the curtain and see Mardi Gras in the making. You haven’t truly experienced Carnival until you’ve explored Mardi Gras World.

Since 1947, Blaine Kern Studios has been as much a part of Carnival as the parades New Orleans loves. In fact, we create most of those parades, from concept through completion. We’re the world’s leading makers of floats, sculpture and props.

Short description: Mardi Gras World is New Orleans’ most celebrated Mardi Gras attractions.
Company address: 1380 Port of New Orleans Place
Postal Code: 70130
Telephone: 8663077026
Mobile phone: 8663077026
Twitter account: @mardigrasworld


Contact Person: Brooke Pickett
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