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Last years I have broadened my experience in many repects. As an application designer I've been involved in DNA anaysis, proces improvement, configuration tools for bid support, document management and CRM. I found that as an entrepeneur there is no limit to what you can do, as long as you invest in 'the interest in what your customer really does'.

Having the experience of a lifetime (20 yr. is life, aint it ;-) job in a service oriented environment and a backpack full of experience in various areas of it, it is amazing what you are able to do out there.

My fields of expertise range from allignment of KM strategies to business processes and the technology. My experience is that getting employees involved in the KM processes through added value for their daily jobs and in the process you'll need to offer a business solution for middle management.

Short description: Last years I have broadened my experience in many repects.
Telephone: +31651364365

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