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As a company specializing in building prefabricated house, we aim to develop new products to keep up with the economic growth and the international market demand. We have focused on the global market where our most exported markets include Europe and Australia.

Over 24 years of expertise and long-term success in construction in Thailand, we have provided varieties of high-quality works with a team of experts from Japan, Australia and Thai locals through a concentration on a quality of works especially in engineer structures, architectures as well as aesthetic works.

Modern Modular Co., Ltd. has been established in Thailand since 2010. The large specific designed plant for manufacturing the Modular House with high capacity, cutting-edge technology and efficiency processes has been set up to serve the market.

Apart from a variety of product designs for customers’ selections, tailor made products focusing on utilization in different styles can be applied to serve customers’ particular needs from different parts of the world.

With well designed, high efficiency of production process along with a team of experts, it is guaranteed that the customers will be highly satisfied with our high quality products.

We are currently proud to present our excellence products and technologies to the world.

Short description: MODERN MODULAR CO., LTD.Later, in 2009, it has enlarged its business network and has established MODERN MODULAR CO., LTD. to operate the business about ready-made house to export. Its goal was to d
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Company address: 288 Tambon Surasak
Postal Code: 20110
Telephone: 080 – 563 3186
Mobile phone: 081- 781 1050
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