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Civil Engineering is all around us, from bridges and roads to piles under structures and constructing at great heights. This diversity is what fascinates me about the Civil Engineering Industry.

As a Civil Engineering student I focus mainly on the constructive aspects with a preference for geotechnics. To understand the dynamics of the ground we live on, and especially in the Netherlands, is challenging and therefore the field of geotechnics is which I find most interesting. Next to technical interests in Civil Engineering I find the way we organize our projects intriguing because of its growing complexity. With the minor Engineering & Investigation, which explains Systems Engineering, contractual frameworks and risk management in projects, I'm hoping to get a head start when working on complex projects in the future.

With a part-time job at a Civil Engineering consultant I'm learning a lot about Civil Engineering in practice, and I'm always on the lookout for challenges, educationally as well as professionally.

Short description: Werkstudent at CRUX Engineering BV
Telephone: 0623902975

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