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Business description

My Chocolate is your own chocolate store where you can be creative and innovative with the type of toppings that you may like on your selected chocolate bar. It's a five simple step process:

1. Select the type of Chocolate that you like- Milk, White or Dark

2. With over 120+ toppings like french flowers, spices, nuts and candy etc to select from that can go on your own chocolate bar.

3. Give a name to your creation.

4. Register your details and the details where the Chocolate needs to be delivered

5. Just wait and relax to recieve your own creationn in 7 working days.


Short description: At My Chocolate- you design your own chocolate bar as you like it. An easy 3 step process: 1. Select the type of chocolate that you like- Milk, Dark or White Step 2. Select from over 120 toppings t
Company name
Company address: Fact 6/7 Nevada Court
Slogan: Your Chocolate....Your Way
Postal Code: 3029
Telephone: 0390173283
Mobile phone: 0423320999


Unique Selling Point: Custom Chocolate bar
Contact Person: Gaurav
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