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My Chocolate is your own chocolate store where you can be creative and innovative with the type of toppings that you may like on your selected chocolate bar. It's a five simple step process:

1. Select the type of Chocolate that you like- Milk, White or Dark

2. With over 120+ toppings like french flowers, spices, nuts and candy etc to select from that can go on your own chocolate bar.

3. Give a name to your creation.

4. Register your details and the details where the Chocolate needs to be delivered

5. Just wait and relax to recieve your own creationn in 7 working days.


Short description: At My Chocolate- you design your own chocolate bar as you like it. An easy 3 step process: 1. Select the type of chocolate that you like- Milk, Dark or White Step 2. Select from over 120 toppings t
Company name
Company address: Fact 6/7 Nevada Court
Slogan: Your Chocolate....Your Way
Postal Code: 3029
Telephone: 0390173283
Mobile phone: 0423320999


Unique Selling Point: Custom Chocolate bar
Contact Person: Gaurav
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