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To whom it may concern;

 Our varieties presented for sale by our firm without compromising the quality range are offered to you. Demands to be made to us based on your needs apart from our own production are prepared in a short period of time.

 Our products are especially suitable for construction firms, hotels and restaurants, firms making sales of souvenirs and various glass objects. Glass guard, fusion glass, stained glass, glass brick, glass and led lighting, decorative glass objects, hotel open buffet stands, glass plates, glass vases, glass bowls, glass jugs, glass ashtrays, glass candlesticks, glass icer-and-liners, radiation-shielding glass and all related glass made products are included in our sales list. For detailed information see “our products” section. Apart from these mentioned above, all porcelain, ceramic and soil products are supplied based on your needs. A large part of our products put up for sale are produced by Yakamoz Vitray.

 The priority objective of our firm is customer satisfaction and to have a corner on the international market and reach large masses and markets without compromising quality standards.

 We aim to present you the purity and quality of glass with the most luxurious form of natural life.

 Yours sincerely,



LacFo Glass Products

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Company address: Camlik Mh. Semerkant Blv. No:4 Park Verde Sitesi A1 blok D/7 34912 Pendik
Postal Code: 34912
Telephone: +905423991491
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Contact Person: Mustafa YILDIZER
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