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Libertygoldmoney Company had been in existence since 2007 and our sites is rated among the best. We can guarantee you that. Our services include Publishing, Investing/Investment advice, Translating, Data Processing, Computer Accessories, Agriculture/Agriculture Business

Publishing: Do you mind publishing your book with us, we are here to help you out as we deal both locally and internationally, we accept, books (fiction, non fiction, poetry and few) from all over the world, we also work with well known and reputable agencies.

Investing/Investment Advice: Do you wish to invest on securities, assets such as stock, bond, treasury bill, landed property and other not mention, please we are here to help you out, we also give financial advice to those who wish to invest on the kind of securities they should invest and should not invest upon.

Translating: Do you have Difficulties in translating your document, we are fully ready to help you out, currently we are based on 79 languages, we will provide you with quality translating services.

Data Processing: Do you need your document processed, are you in need of an online data entry worker, we deal with so many Microsoft offices and other documents, we are fully ready to help you out.

Computer Accessories: Are you in need of computer accessories like keyboard, laptop, mouse, USB, extension wire, they are all available, Do you also need calculators, I pad, I pod and few others not mentioned, they are all available

Agriculture/Agri Business:
We are dealers on Agri business as we offer wide range of agricultural products like ginger, garlic, onions, lettuce, garbage and many agricultural produces, Please Investors, we have lands with Agricultural produce available for investment,Do you intend to own an agricultural farms with agricultural products or barren land for growing of agricultural products, if you are interested, please contact us.

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Liberty gold company runs every 24hours except Sundays, here are the time schedule below:

You can email us for any Info as we serve our customers better.

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Short description: We are engaged in Agriculture, Financial and Banking and so many others
Company address: 2, Babatunde Abikelaja Street, Off custom Bustop, Abaranje Roas, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos State
Slogan: Quality deals
Postal Code: 23401
Telephone: +2348082059795
Mobile phone: +2348099708887
Twitter account: Tochibenedict16
Skype username: Tochibenedict16


Unique Selling Point: Advertising, One on One contact and other advertising and selling means
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Contact Person: Mr Benedict,Patrick
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