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    • Kvssv Suresh
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        Helping 4-H equip students with skills they’ll need for the future

        August 11, 2017 - The world is changing rapidly, creating new opportunities and careers we can’t yet predict. But even with a lot of unknowns, skills like collaboration, problem solving and technical know-how can be the tools students need to adapt and thrive,...
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          #teampixel becomes one with nature

          August 11, 2017 - Looking for a breath of fresh air? You came to the right place. This week #teampixel is becoming one with nature and capturing everything from surreal sunrises to the scenic views outside their tents. Check out another round of stellar...
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            “A whole new world” of ideas at the Technovation Challenge

            August 11, 2017 - “Programming opens new horizons. It gives me full space to [create things] I couldn’t even imagine.” These are the words of Diana Zhanakbayeva, a young woman from Kazakhstan who, along with three classmates, just took home the top...