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Kohinoor Machine Tools are a renowned manufacturer & supplier of Precision Surface Grinding Machines. We are offering a wide range of Manual & Hydraulic Surface Grinders. Since the inception of KMT in the year 1997, We are very particular about the quality of our machinery and for the same we use best & qualitative raw material, tools, skilled staff & technology etc.
Our Surface Grinders are highly favoured in Die-making Industry, Plastic Moulding Industry , Rubber Indusrty & Engineering Tool Rooms due to its huge accuracy & unbeatable quality.

Range of Manual Surface Grinders: OIL Dip & Ball Type Surface Grinders
Table Sizes: 175mmx350mm, 225mmx350mm, 225mmx450mm , 250mmx500mm, 300mmx600mm.

Range of Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machines:
Table Sizes: 300mmx600mm, 375mmx750mm, 375mmx1000mm, 400mmx1000mm.

Features of Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machines manufactured by KMT:-
KMT Salient Features
• Heavy Duty robust based structure and is rigidly constructed with properly seasoned casting.
• Guide ways are on ‘V’ properly scrapped surface.
• Lubrication System arrangements is provided for all the contacts surface with relative motions.
• Wheel Head is mounted on rigid vertical-column supported by pre-loaded precision bearings, direct flanged mounted electric motor.

Extra Features
• Hydraulic Machines are equipped with quality seals & Hydraulic Cylinder.
• Power pack equipped with suction, pressure gauge, relief value, branded hydraulic pump etc.
• Magnet slide is automatically lubricated through Power Pack.
• All Hydraulic connections are connected by leak proof fittings and hydraulic hose pipes.
• After completion of job machine will stop automatically.

Features that makes us Different in Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machines.
• Cross Feed Mechanism is Motorised. We do not use ‘Rachet’ System for the Cross Slide operations.
• Drive controls the Machine Operations. We do not use ‘Card’ System for the smooth Operations.
Censors for ‘Y’ axis movement of Cross slide.

Standard Accessories with Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machines
• Electric Motors
• Permanent Magnetic Chuck
• Grinding Wheel Mounted
• Diamond Dresser with Holder
• Wheel Adopter Puller
• Spanner for Wheel Change
• Wheel Balancer with Mandrel
• Coolant Supply System
• Lubrication System
• Machine Lamp.

Short description: Surface Grinding Machines Manufacturers & Dealers
Company name
Company address: A-38, 16/5, Karkhana Bagh, Mathura Road
Slogan: A world of Precision Surface Grinders
Postal Code: 121002
Telephone: 9899858451
Mobile phone: 91-9899858451
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.dgindia.com


Unique Selling Point: Heavy duty surface grinders in fair prices, best qaulity raw material & spare parts used for manufacturing process, genuine motores & bearings are given alongwith the surface grinding machines.
Contact Person: Mr. Abdul Wahab
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      Surface Grinders Machines Model:KM1224 Table Size of Surface Grinding Machines :300mmx600mm Operation:Mechanical/Manual Type:Oil Dip Heavy Duty with huge accuracy. Brand: KMT Company: Kohinoor Machine Tools  
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