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Our state-of-the-art environment coupled with a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals experienced in all the latest tools, technologies & methodologies of software development provide an efficient and cost effective resource for your organization making KMT Consultants an ideal choice as your most reliable outsourcing partner.

Our clients look to KMT Consultants as a source for "Complete IT Solution" in that we become partners in their process of defining and implementing strategic IT objectives. KMT Consultants is able to deliver real business value in this process because of our service philosophy -- we are committed to facilitating our customers in overcoming all, even the seemingly insurmountable, challenges. We provide such value by developing customized, efficient, timely, and economical solutions to the clients' challenges.

The idea is simple, to make use of Technology in a way to boost your business. We believe in development of a mutually productive and professional relationship besides providing specific solutions. Whether you are looking forward to establishing a new presence on the web or keen to revamp your current image, KMT Consultants is your proactive partner, we can help you to reach your ultimate goal with ease and joy.

Short description: KMT Consultants was established in year 2005 with a vision to work along organizations seeking solutions for their information technology needs
Company address: Suite.# 8, First floor, Zohra Heights, Main Market, Gulberg-II,Lahore - Pakistan
Slogan: We make difficult things, EASY
Postal Code: 54770
Telephone: +92-300-4289654
Mobile phone: +92-300-4289654
Twitter account: kmtconsultants


Unique Selling Point: Excellent Training & High Quality After Sale Services
Chamber of Commerce:: 345-0394-12008976543
Contact Person: Khalid Mehmood
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