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Kharifarisane security and Projects (KSP) is a 100% black owned company which operates in the security industry and is involved in the distribution, transporting, printing, stationery and cleaning services.
The company was formed in 2011 after an observation and an analysis of the security industry, and a gap was identified where an alternative company can be able to bridge the gap, and provide professional security solutions. Through its expertise the company brings a balance of work in all dimensions of the general security services. The company has resolvedtoensure that it provides good and great quality service throughout the contractperiod, and rendering all services at the prescribed times. The company ensures that compliance is adhered to with the entire legislative environment within the industry and the business community at large. The company is a member of PSIRA a regulatory body within the security industry. The company is managed, owned and run by Mr Farisani Esrom Mulaudzi who himself has extensive experience in the security industry having worked for big companies at a management level. Mr Mulaudzi brings to the company, experience, expertise and innovation. He has worked for ARM Aviation in the control rooms and escorting deportees for a few years. Mr Mulaudzi always had an option to follow other careers, but he pursued the security industry because he wanted to contribute to the country, by ensuring the safety of communities, be it the business community, residential and state organs or departments.
The purpose of this business is basically to ensure the creation of a security organization that is part of a greater solution to combating crime. Kharifarisane Security believes that we are playing a role which will give us a crime free society one day. We would like to give our clients and the country through our business, a feeling of protection and safety

Short description: Security service provider which offer the following service: Armed and Unarmed Guarding of Premises or Assets,Access Control,Use of Metal/ weapon detecting systems,Car watch / Guard,Protection and
Slogan: “We Protect and serve through excellence, integrity and professionalism
Postal Code: 1431
Telephone: 011 860 0234
Mobile phone: 079 9467 940
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