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The desire to be with family, in a cherished community, and craft a styling space where not even the sky is the limit led Jude and Alicia to where they are today: Alibi. This hair salon is their dream come true, because by working together, they are able to use their passion, drive, and knowledge of the beauty industry to bring their beloved home of Minneapolis a salon that is there for their clients' every need - a hair salon that like any good friend, will always have your back, your answers, your Alibi. Providing Blow outs, Hair Extensions, Smoothing Treatment, and Wedding Day Services, you are sure to enjoy every moment you spend at Alibi. Located in the North Loop of Minneapolis.

Short description: The desire to be with family, in a cherished community
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Company address: 401 N 3rd Street Suite 100,
Postal Code: 55401
Telephone: 612-353-5008
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